Who me? A rule breaker?

If you see the image below and your first thought is, "where is her head?", then I am probably not the photographer for you. Yup, it's true, when it comes to photography, I can be an out and out rule breaker. I can care less if I remove a head, or fail to to crop images in the standard approved way. I know I will not ever take the prize in a photography competition. I really don't care. Competitions are not my goal.

Now, if something about this image connects with you, make you stare and maybe even draws you in a bit, then read on. We may just be a kindred and a cool connection waiting to happen.

I adore images like the one above. You may think, "well you took it, of course you like it." But there really is more to it than that. When I started my business, I shied away from family portraits. I just did not connect with the traditional look-at-the-camera-and-smile images that it seemed every photographer was taking. I did not come from the ideal family and the traditional images just did not speak to my experience. Family is messy, imperfect and still, in all its chaos, it is a relationship that many of us cherish. 

My logic said, if ever photographer is doing that style, then it's because every client and potential client wants that style and no one would want what I had to offer. [Ever been caught thinking in that faulty logic?] I thought, to be successful, I would need to do traditional family portraits. But, I could not; my heart wasn't in it. And for me, when it comes to art, if you don't love it, leave it alone.

So, what do you do when you want to capture beautiful images of families but your style doesn't match the current trend? You step off the cliff, you put your art out there and you trust that God will guide contact between you, the artist, and those who will see value in the art. God be praised, this is my scenario and the scenario for many. The truth is that the world is filled with eclectic people. I have learned that my style may not resonant with everyone and that is OK. My goal isn't to conquer the world. My goal is to create art that will capture you, your family and the connection between each of you at this moment in time. This moment won't return but with my images, this moment won't be lost either. I love that inherent power within photography, the power to document a life lived. To be able to freeze a snippet of your life and your experiences for all to come. If my style does not speak to you, that's not a problem for either of us. An eclectic world means a world filled with options and possibilities - isn't that wonderful?

I am lifestyle photographer. This genre of photography is catching traction in the family portrait industry. I firmly believe that lifestyle is growing in appreciation because we have become fatigued with the "perfected" views of life that we so frequently see on social media. We are wanting to get real with who we are and sharing who we are at our core with others. Lifestyle photography allows us to capture a life lived, celebrated and accepted. Lifestyle is not the genre if you want to capture a life "stylized". Ready to be captured as you are? Then my kindred, let's connect.